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Our course selection is broken down into two sections. The Class series contains various sections depending on your skill level and or Individual class sections with topics covering specific skills and techniques.

Class Series:

Each Class comes with a Premium Addon that gives access to more features and benefits. Just add the Premium Addon to your cart before checkout to be upgraded.

Bridal Mastery

In this wedding dressmaking course, you’ll explore the specialist techniques you need to create contemporary bridalwear. You may think that creating a wedding gown is “very difficult” or “hard-to-learn” and “demands many years of experience, special expertise, and talent”

These are all misconceptions! I will show you just how easy wedding dressmaking really can be! After completing this course, you will be able to design and sew any wedding or special occasion dress – you’ll also learn about the business within this course. It will set you on the right part to becoming a sought-after wedding dressmaker!

Luxury Wedding Dressmaking

In this Master Class, you will learn the various skill needed to perfect the creation of luxury wedding dresses. including:

  • The materials needed for the luxury wedding dress, and how you can follow your course to benefit the totality of it
  • Creating the luxury dress bodice from a quick drafting method that will fit perfectly, to the joining, to placing the bones sewing the yoke, neckline.
  • Making the main petticoat which is worn separately from the dress
  • And so much more. 

NOTE: This course comes in two versions. A 4-month Long Course and a more in-depth 1-year course.  

Single Courses

If your interest lies in practicing a single skill or technique. Or you wish to start your online learning journey with just a few courses targeted to your specific needs. Then you should browse our course library and select the courses that would best suit your needs.

Our more popular courses are:

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